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Firmware installation


Up to date source of the firmware can be found here


Firmware runs on DB2.x (tested on DB2.1), powered by Arduino. Requires PlatformIO, a cross-platform embedded development toolset. See installation instructions here it can be as easy as one-click-plugin-installation (PlatformIO IDE).

In order to build and upload the firmware to DB2.x, connect the board to computer and find the Build and Upload buttons in the PlatformIO IDE OR use the following commands:

$ pio run -t upload         # build and upload fw image

The compiled firmware image is placed in .pio/build/<board>/firmware.hex.
Compilation options can be tweaked in platformio.ini file (see build options).

Different IC's

There are differenet branches in the Github repository for different IC's. The master branch is for the ADS1256, but there are also branches for the NAU7802. And for the LED driver there is a branch for the TLC59209 and one for the PCA9551.


Connect your DB2.x to your computer, build and flash the firmware and open the serial console with $ pio device monitor or your favourite app (e.g Putty, screen, minicom, picocom...). Enable local echo in order to see commands you're typing by adding --echo to command above, or pressing CTRL+T followed by CTRL+E while running it.

User can send the following commands:

> scan
> adc
> led [i] on|off # i = 0..7
> help

Scan command outputs a full scan, 8 values, one for each LED.
Adc command outputs a reading from the ADC chip.
Led command turns on or off a LED, indexed from 0 to 7.
Help lists all available commands.


Feedback on architecture and implementation is welcome. Firmware currently controls an Arduino, which "talks" to an ADC chip and a LED driver, communicating via the serial interface. In directory app are the main sources, test is for unit tests (which needs much more love and actual tests), drivers contains custom drivers for componments on board.


Feel free to improve, modify and contribute to this project. You can find the lastest open source code here Github Repo.