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The fact that you are reading this page already makese you cool 😎. Now it is time to get you all suited up for development. To make things easy we chose some specific platforms to enable collaberative working.

We use the following things:

  • Speech - That is by far the easiest, it make communication quick and fun, ideally in person but it can also be done digitally. For super important agreements we mail.
  • KiCAD 6.0 - We use KiCAD as a development tool for making our PCB's.
  • Fusion360 - We use Fusion360 as a tool to do 3D modelling.
  • Wordpress, The main website runs on wordpress, easy to add content!
  • Docusaurus, for documentation
  • GitHub, for version control of software, firmware, hardware and documentation
  • Google Drive, for internal exchange of files.
  • Youtube, videos
  • Notion, project management
  • PlatformIO, for firmware development
  • Discord, for finding others interested in development of the Plastic Scanner!

Progress of getting involved

  1. Send an email to Jure or Jerry that you want to help out
  2. Join our group of geeks and nerd to find out what to work on
  3. Do your magic, but make sure to document it well
  4. Make a pull request on GitHub
  5. Someone will check your changes and merge it if correctly
  6. Enjoy ethernal fame!