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Development Board 2.0

The goal of this development board is to make it easy to test and debug different situations. This board is not optimised for size or functionality, but for easy of use for development.

development board 2.0
🌈 CodenameBeige
📆 Release dateJune 2019
🦄 PeopleJure Vidmar and Jerry de Vos
⌚ Development time3 months


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Link to repository


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Bill of Materials

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Technical drawing

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Hardware package - click here to download all hardware documentation of this development board
Firmware package - click here to download all firmware (documentation) of this development board
Software package - click here to download all software (documentation) of this development board

Current issues

  • There is no clear marking on the pcb which revision it is.
  • Add silkscreen labels to connectors.
  • LED3 (indicator for 2.5v reference) is breaking the reference voltage cause it is drawing too much current.
  • Pin 0 is used for the reset of the LED driver, but if there is Serial communication it is on pin 0 and 1 so it resets the led driver. Jure made a fix by desoldering r24 and soldering a wire from pin 2 to the led drive side of pad r24.
  • Mounting holes are not perfectly square
  • Arduino reset button is hard to reach

How to Verify correct working of Development Board 2.0

Run the selftest firmware with

  1. a piece of alumimun
    1. Expected measurements:
  2. a piece of (white teflon)
    1. Expected measurements:
  3. a plastic red coca cola bottle cap
    1. Expected measurements:

PCB images

Front View